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High Thoughts : What If Cannabis Was Discovered Today?

High Thoughts : What if Marijuana Was Discovered Today?

Imagine if cannabis never existed until today. And then suddenly it just starts growing all over the planet. Plants pop up everywhere, in yards, on the streets, in the wild.

People would be very interested in these curious, dank smelling plants. Pretty soon people would try smoking or cooking with it. There’d be people running around laughing their asses off, jumping with joy and some who are just paranoid.

There’d probably be a lot of skepticism at first about whether or not it’s safe for us to consume.

As more and more studies come out showing that it can help people with glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, migraines without many side effects at all outside of craving munchies and pondering the meaning of existence. That, and excessive laughing.

The reason there’s even a debate today about its legality is due to the decades-long War on Drugs and anti-drug propaganda. So many people have been brainwashed into fearing the ‘devil’s lettuce’ that despite the overwhelming evidence of all it’s benefits, it’s still a Schedule 1 drug, along with Heroine..

If the sticky-icky was discovered today, it wouldn’t have the stigma it does today and it would be a no-brainer but to get it there!

We’d hail it as a miracle plant and it’d be the greatest thing since the internet or the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, savvy?

Jack Sparrow Curse of The Black Pearl Sinking Ship

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