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Tripp Keber, The “Willy Wonka of Weed”

Rightfully so, Tripp Keber is nicknamed the “Willy Wonka of Weed” for creating one of the leading marijuana edibles company in Colorado. Although he wasn’t much of a smoker himself, he saw the benefits of legalization and decided to get involved.

His company is now one of the largest manufacturers of cannabis infused consumables. His flagship product, Dixie Elixir is cannabis infused soda available in several flavors. Dispensaries and retailers are having a hard time keeping stock due to such high demands for the product.


Dixie Elixir


In total, Tripp Keber’s company sells over 120 products including cannabis infused lotion, bath oils, mints, and capsules.

Among his team are PHD food scientists, biochemists, professional chefs, mechanical engineers and businessmen with experience working for Fortune 500 companies allowing Dixie Elixirs to create great, innovative products for all to enjoy… in legal states that is.


More info at: FastCompany

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