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High Thoughts: The Phenomenon of Normalization

Normalization is when you become so used to something that you no longer think twice about it. It becomes natural so it just passes over your mind as if it’s something minuscule or uninteresting. For example, how we easily forget that the world is spinning over a thousand mph, while orbiting …

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High Thoughts : What If Cannabis Was Discovered Today?

High Thoughts : What if Marijuana Was Discovered Today? Imagine if cannabis never existed until today. And then suddenly it just starts growing all over the planet. Plants pop up everywhere, in yards, on the streets, in the wild. People would be very interested in these curious, dank smelling plants. …

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High Thoughts: The Power of Musicians

Music has serenaded the ears of our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. It has the power to put a baby to sleep or turn cobras to companions. Generals used war drums to demoralize the enemy, as well as to rally troops. Civilizations all around the world, including the Native …

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Overcome Mediocrity Part 1: Is Mediocrity Developed?

Usually, when you ask a child what they want to be when they’re older, they have high goals and answer with confidence without fear. Astronauts, doctors, video game developers, a princess, car-wash owners (this was my childhood dream). But then as we get older, so many people give up their …

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