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Why Must We Be Convinced To Meditate?

For thousands of years, humans have been practicing meditation. Civilizations all across the globe understood the value of meditation.

CEOS, scientists, spiritual leaders, doctors, politicians, experts in all fields. Steve Jobs, Carnegie, Gates, Zuckerberg, Kobe Bryant, Jeter… There are very few great men who were not practitioners of meditation. There’s a reason for that.

Today, using brain scanners and advanced technology we have hundreds of studies proving the benefits people have been talking about for ages. Just one ten minute meditation session is all you need to see for yourself.

I was a skeptic until someone told me that meditation could help with my migraines. I visited a few specialists trying to figure out what was wrong with me and was put on several different medications, but nothing helped. Whenever I had one of these, I’d go partially blind for 30-45 minutes followed by an excruciating headache that would force me into fetal position in a dark, quiet room. I’d be nauseous and completely drained for the next day or two. I don’t drive just for this reason; I was worried of having a migraine on a highway, going blind and causing an accident.

My logic was, if all of these highly educated doctors couldn’t do anything to help me, how could something as simple as sitting there quietly possibly do anything for me?

I didn’t have much faith but I was desperate and tired of being limited by my condition so I gave it a shot. I started with guided meditations and noticed results instantly. After just a week my mind felt lighter. My focus was sharper, my mind was clear, I wasn’t nearly as pessimistic. The migraines began to occur monthly instead of weekly and were not nearly as painful as before.

I realized I was having these migraines because I never learned to properly expunge negative energy. I had no idea how to turn my brain off. My mind was filled with stress from school, family issues, social issues, identity issues, etc. I was living in the past too much and when the negativity became too much my brain would crash and I’d have a migraine.

Today, after several months of meditating about 10-20 minutes daily, my migraines are a rare occurrence. This experience taught me a valuable lesson, if you put too much faith in ‘experts’ and no faith in your own abilities, expect to face suffering.

What are the benefits of Meditation? 

Think of a smart phone. If you have Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Snapchat, GroupMe and Youtube active at the same time, it’s not going to run very efficiently. It’ll slow down or crash because all the resources are being drained. There’s a limited amount of RAM and if it’s all being used, you’re not gonna have energy for other tasks. When you have so many things running at once, your battery depletes much quicker. In order to prevent this, you open the Task Manager and kill all the active apps. This fully closes them and stops them from draining your energy and using up your RAM.

Close the extra apps!
Close the extra apps!

Think of mediation as the Task Manager app. Our brains are so fogged up with thoughts, problems, stresses, bills, expectations, insecurities, rules, etc. Even when you stop thinking about something, it may still be lingering around in the back of your mind for days, weeks, years or even decades. If not dealt with properly, these lingering thoughts act like parasites draining your energy and triggering urges, which will manifest physically, often times as self-destructive habits like over-eating, drug-abuse, too much social media, etc. By meditating, you’re clearing up all the unnecessary mental processes that are weighing you down

Meditation is to the mind what push ups are to the physical body. Turn it into a daily habit and you’ll be surprised how much your mental strength improves, which is then manifested into physical strength. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to improve your immune system, curiosity, patience, creativity, happiness, wisdom and your ability to deal with stress. The benefits will be apparent in every aspect of your life. Your world will be more vibrant and your baseline happiness will increase.

You’re dreams will be more frequent, vivid and lucid.

Why Is It So Difficult To Get Started?

  • Mind is too hyped – The more difficult it is for you to get started with meditation, the more beneficial it will be for you. If you have a truck driving 200 mph, and you slam your foot on the brakes, it’s gonna be very difficult to stop. That’s what happens when most people try meditating for the first time. Their brains are running 200 mph and when they attempt to slow it down, they’re met with resistance and become frustrated. They give up and claim meditation isn’t for them. I tried to form the habit of meditation several times before it stuck with me. The first couple of times I tried it, my mind resisted. Meditation helps solve tons of problems and helps you let go of previous problems. The thing is, we humans become addicted to our sense of identity. Our problems are a part of that identity. Many people will choose to remain depressed instead of improving their life situation because it’s more familiar.
  • What happens when you don’t clean your room for several weeks? It fills up with garbage, clothes cover the floor and it starts to smell. You keep putting off cleaning it because there’s so much to clean. When you finally do clean it, it feels amazing and you can breathe again. Once it’s clean, it’s much easier to KEEP it clean and organized. Many people’s minds are like a cluttered room. At first it’s intimidating to meditate so you keep resisting and put it off. Eventually, you clean up the mess and find it’s much easier to stick with it.  Some days I’ll meditate and don’t really feel anything. It’s only when I stop for a few days, do I truly feel all the ways it benefits me.
  • My original impression of meditation was that it was something only gurus and monks did. I’m not a guru, nor a monk so I felt no need to meditate. Many people associate meditation with religion and that’s what turns them off. Realize that it has nothing to do with religion and that you can benefit from meditation even if you’re an atheist.

If every child was taught and encouraged to meditate and it was a social norm, we wouldn’t need to get so many people addicted to all the harmful, unnecessary pills that are handed out like candy nowadays. There wouldn’t so much negativity in the human collective consciousness.  We wouldn’t be so disconnected from our fellow peers and the world would be more joyful and harmonious.


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