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Make Learning New Things Effortless By Using Positive Associations

Growing up, I never gave glass much thought. I knew it was made of hot sand or something, but it wasn’t until I hit a bong for the first time that I became interested in the process. Stoned, I spent several hour watching videos and and reading up on the entire process. I dreaded going to chemistry class but suddenly I was so interested in the chemistry and production of glass.

I didn’t really care about horticulture but after I started smoking, I suddenly became curious about the process of growing cannabis. I read about different farming techniques, what helps plants grow faster. I read about hydroponics and suddenly I was was so interested in this whole new world, I barely thought about previously.

Cannabis inspired me to build this website, improve my writing, learn how to promote and market a brand using photography and social media. It inspired me to read scientific studies I normally would not have, in order to learn more about how cannabis can help people with illnesses.

Why was I suddenly so interested in all these things that I hated to think about previously?

It’s because with cannabis, I now had a positive emotional attachment to the subject so my mind was fully open to learning. When you’re REALLY interested in a topic and you truly WANT to learn about it, your brain turns to a sponge, easily soaking up all the knowledge and learning becomes effortless.

When you aren’t interested in something, your mind puts up a barrier and there’s resistance. You’re not focusing all your energy on learning.

Cannabis added a positive emotional attachment to many of the things I wasn’t really interested in before.

If you’re having trouble learning something either for school, or for your career, try to find a way to add a positive emotional attachment to it and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to learn.

The problem with school is that most people are there learning just for the grade. They’re learning to avoid punishment (a poor grade). That is not when your best learning happens because it’s not a strong motivator. Instead learn because you WANT to.

I hated writing as a kid because of all the annoying, creativity-limiting essays I had to write in high school. This formed a negative emotional attachment towards writing. So whenever I thought about it, bad memories of sitting in class, staring at a paper, trying to figure out what to write were triggered.

Now, I’ve reconditioned my mind to associate writing with creativity, cannabis, helping other people, inspiring, and making the world a better place. Now writing has become one of my favorite pass times and I can do it for hours.

It doesn’t have to be with cannabis, it can be anything else you enjoy. Once I associated computer programming with video game development, I was able to sit in front of my computer all day long teaching myself. Whereas previously, I would get burned out after a couple hours.

I used to hate history class until I became interested in philosophy. Now, I love reading about different time periods because I enjoy trying to understand what our ancestor’s perspective on life was like.

Even the boring-est of subjects can be turned interesting by building new associations. By adjusting your perspective, whole new worlds open up.

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