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High Thoughts: What Did The World Look Like 500 Years Ago?

A while back, I was watching a video about Yellowstone National Park. For about 70 years wolves had disappeared. As a result, the deer population skyrocketed because there was no one hunting them. Humans attempted to keep the population down but it didn’t work too well. Then in 1995, we introduced 12 wolves to the region who began decreasing the number of deer immediately. Not just that, but the deer began avoiding certain areas where the wolves were. They had to be more cautious, so they didn’t reproduce as much.

As a result, the vegetation that was being overly-consumed previously by the deer started growing back. More vegetation meant more insects and rabbits who fertilized the soil with their droppings allowing larger plants and shrubs to grow. The insects and small rodents also gave reptiles and birds something to eat allowing them to flourish. Berry bushes grew, giving life to bears who helped the wolves control the deer population.

Because the soil was now richer, there was more plant life, which meant more oxygen and less carbon in the air. In some areas the trees QUINTUPLED (5X) in size in just 6 years, attracting more eagles, hawks, reptiles, amphibians and much more. The beavers built dams providing habitats for muskrats, ducks and fish.

The craziest part is how the behavior of the rivers changed. Because the forests had now regenerated, the soil became more solidified and didn’t erode as much so banks weren’t collapsing often. Rivers narrowed and pools formed creating habitats for even more animals.

At the end, there were hundreds of new species of plants and animals introduced to the region. Introducing just 12 wolves completely transformed the region and made it unrecognizable in just 10 years!

So, if 12 wolves can do that, can you imagine the impact of about 6 BILLION human beings being born in the last century?? The impact of 6 billion people farming, eating, building roads, digging up the ground for metals and minerals. The impact of dropping nukes and bombs all around the world. The impact of poaching and big game hunting.

The world was UNFATHOMABLY different just 2 centuries ago. What was the world like 500 years ago? 1000 years ago?? 2000 years ago??? 6000 YEARS AGO?!?!


If we were shown an imagine of the world a few thousand years ago, we’d probably think it’s some alien planet or scene out of a fantasy world.

This is important to realize when studying history or anthropology. The world was very different back then so we need to take that into account when we try to understand our ancestors. The plants and animals that existed were of a different variety. Who knows how many species of fruits, vegetables, mammals, reptiles, etc. went instinct as the world evolved. Imagine that drugs that existed!


crystal song forest


The oxygen levels were much higher and carbon lower. Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and notice how different you feel. Imagine if one your normal breaths, was equal to five deep breaths. Your oxygen levels affect your body and mind in so many different aspects. Our ancestors were on a very different level of consciousness.

It’s easy to write them off as uncivilized, or unintelligent but that’s not the case. The fact is, they were living in a very different world. A world where nature ruled and life flourished all around the globe.


Here’s the video for those who are interested. Thanks for reading!


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