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High Thoughts: Did Wild Animals and Humans Once Live in Harmony

Do you remember Christian the Lion? The story of a lion raised by humans, who was eventually released into the wild. A year later, his previous caretakers returned to the wild to see if the lion would remember them. When they found the lion, at first he approached them cautiously and then leaped onto them, stood on his hind legs and gave them a big hug. Christian the Lion even had a couple lady friends and an orphan lion cub with him who greeted his old caretakers. Check out the video, it’s honestly amazing.


There was also the story of the Russian man who took care of an orphaned grizzly bear and ate with him at the dinner table. The bear was even the best man at his wedding. On Stan Lee’s show Super-humans, there’s a man who swims and chills with his friend, a polar bear. There’s another episode about a guy who runs and howls with wolves.

There’s tons of stories like this, involving all different types of animals.

Humans haven’t exactly been too kind to animals over the past millennia, with all the poaching and destroying of habitats. As well as hunting them for fun and mounting their heads on a wall.

It makes sense that many animals that are on the verge of extinction would evolve to see us as their enemies in order to survive.

But what was it like before, when the human population was much lower and we weren’t such a threat to nature? Before we gave wild animals a reason to hate us?

Is it possible that long ago, our ancestors lived in harmony with all different sorts of animals?

Most ancient civilizations exalted animals. In Hinduism, there’s a monkey god, en elephant god, a rat god, etc. In Buddhism, animals are seen as sacred and we are their caretakers. Native Americans killed animals only as a necessity and when they did, they made use of every part of the body. There was great respect and gratefulness towards animals.

Compare our collective conscious to that of our ancestors.

Our collective consciousness is filled with thoughts of animals being dumb, wild and dangerous.

Our ancestor’s collective consciousness was filled with thoughts of animals being sacred and divine teachers.

You ever meet someone that just sketches you out and you have a bad feeling about them? Or when someone is staring at the back of your head and you can tell? Or, when you have a close friend that texts you the exact moment you text them? That’s what many call our sixth sense or intuition.

Animals, especially dogs, have a strong sixth sense. Dogs can tell when there is about be a thunderstorm. Some dogs are even trained to sense depression and provide comfort to someone having a panic attack. They can tell when someone is hostile or scared.

Is there more truth to ‘The Beastmaster’ or ‘Tarzan’ than we realize? Maybe, I don’t know. I don’t see why not. I like to imagine our ancestors rode into battle atop a rhino, along side a bunch of big cats with falcons and eagles hovering around for support. Or maybe I’ve just been watching too many movies.


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