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High Thoughts : Smoking with First Timers


Anyone that’s been smoking for a while and has built up a tolerance remembers those days when you first started smoking. Back when a gram split between four of your friends sent you to the clouds. Everything is just uncontrollably funny for no reason. You’re happy and euphoric. Music turns to some divine, celestial sensation and food has never tasted so good.

But then eventually, as you keep smoking, you’re more experienced being high and have better control. It’s still awesome, but you don’t always get that same epic, adventurous feeling.

That’s how I’ve been lately. I would smoke a bowl, chill, and be high but i would just kinda chill at a [5] or so. Nice and relaxing, but not that “new” feeling.

But then, one day I hung out with two of my friends who hasn’t smoked until the end of college. They curiously watched as I crushed the nug between my fingers and rolled a joint as if I was a magician. I sparked it up and passed it around.

By the time we finished, I was at that sweet spot, where you’re just chilling and enjoying yourself. My friends however were on a whole other level. They were just uncontrollably laughing and having the time of their life. I could see the genuine happiness on their faces. We had a conversation about why in the world weed is illegal. We watched Cosmos and talked about how mind blowing the universe is. You know, classic stoner conversation topics.

My friend’s exact quote was, “This is awesome, I feel like a honey bun… before you put it in the oven”. Now I don’t know what that means but we all got a great laugh out of it.

Now, what I found interesting was that, I actually felt like I had smoked for the first time in a month. Their high was almost contagious. Everything was funnier to me and I felt like a nooby again. I was laughing at everything and felt like I was at a [9], a rare occurrence these days.

I think it’s because when you smoke with friends that are experienced, no one wants to be the odd one out so everyone tries to control themselves instead of just letting lose.

I’m honestly curious as to what you guys think about this. Have any of you noticed the same thing when you smoke with first timers?

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