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High Thoughts: The Power of Musicians

Music has serenaded the ears of our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. It has the power to put a baby to sleep or turn cobras to companions. Generals used war drums to demoralize the enemy, as well as to rally troops. Civilizations all around the world, including the Native Americans have used the power of musical vibrations for ceremonial and ritual purposes, to induce different states of trance. Music can make you jump and dance with joy or put you in a calm, relaxed state. It can break your heart or make you fall in love.

Music without a doubt has very powerful hypnotic properties. Go to a Snoop Dogg or Action Bronson concert and you’ll see a bunch of laid-back people chilling, maybe smoking a blunt. An Iron Maiden concert will be more of an aggressive  atmosphere with lots of moshing and heavy movement. An Opera concert has more of a fancy, formal vibe to it. Different types of music are different frequencies. We align with the frequency of the music that resonates and allow it to hypnotize and take over us. That’s why when you’re listening to a song you really enjoy, you can’t help but to nod along.

The Roaring Twenties would not be the same without the introduction of Jazz music. The 50’s would not be the same without Rock music, nor the 90’s without Rap music. Over the past decade we’ve been seeing a shift in consciousness as Dubstep and Trap music are making it into the mainstream.

Until quite recently, musicians couldn’t have had the amount of power and influence that they do now. Even the best musicians in the world couldn’t get their music heard around the world. They had to travel and perform live for all their fans. Today, MP3 players, phones, computers, etc. make it not only effortless to consume music, but difficult to avoid. An artist can create a song, put it online and within days it’ll be heard by millions of people around the globe.

Music can awaken consciousness, as well as narrow and suppress it. Music can spread peace and love, as well as hatred and violence. It can inspire you to create, or posses you to destroy.

Listen closely to music and note what kind of mood it puts you in. I find when I’m listening to Eminem or Jay Z, I feel motivated and embrace the grind which is great for when I’m in a rut. When I’m listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, I’m relaxed and calm. I go with the flow and don’t have the same sense of urgency so it’s nice for when I’m smoking or doing something creative like drawing. Sometimes I’ll listen to some heavy trap music when I’m being lazy and need something to get me amped and excited.

I have some friends who grew up around violence, never truly experiencing compassion, that were transformed after attending their first music festival. Some common themes among many EDM DJ’s are love, unity, peace, positivity. So, when you’re surrounded by hundreds of nonjudgmental, happy people who don’t care if they look silly dancing and are just there to have fun, it’s easy to let loose, forget the world and enjoy yourself. This experience for many people is powerful enough to break them out of their trance of unconsciousness and open their mind to the fact that there are a lot of good people in the world.

So many people idolize and view musicians as role models nowadays. They’ll act like them, dress like them, use their slang and stay updated on their lives. Many musicians receive more attention and have a greater impact on society than some scientists, CEO’s, politicians, and I find that pretty damn cool. Listening to all different genres of music exposes you to all these difference frequencies, emotions and lyrics, which will penetrate into your subconscious planting seeds that will spout into new thoughts, ideas,  keeping your mind open and fresh.


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