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High Thoughts: Imagine Being an Archaeologist in the Future

Imagine this… You’re  an archaeologist, or a historian living in year 2400, going through old hard-drives and artifacts, in order to learn about the 21st century.

One day you and your team discover an ancient, technologically advanced city that was destroyed by floods, or aliens, or a comet, or something. Among the ruins you find a bunch of hard-drives, remnants of automobiles, all types of official records… You bring some hard drives back to the office to look through and analyze.

You find a dozen filled with pictures and videos of kittens doing funny things. Another drive filled with the dankest memes the 21st century has ever seen.

Hard-drives with endless amount of music, Jazz, Rock, Rap, EDM, everything.

Millions of T.V shows, movies and documentaries that you can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s CGI.

Documentaries of tribes living in rain forests and documentaries of people living in super cities with advanced technology during the same time.

You watch “Lord of the Rings” thinking it’s ancient history. You watch “Harry Potter” and it looks like your ancestors were running around London having wizard battles.

“These guys were really obsessed with the human reproductive process, weren’t they?” you think to yourself.

Without a doubt, its going to be confusing as hell. They’re probably gonna be like what the fuck was wrong with these people lmao. It’s gonna be great.

What are people in the future going to think watching campaign videos and presidential speeches throughout the decades or seeing our Facebook profiles?

Imagine if we had photos and videos of Washington leading troops to fight the British. Or Snapchats of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.

Maybe they’ll come across this article while they’re getting baked and be like “Duuuddeee…”

Stoned Alien dudddeee

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