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The Best Sites to Visit When You’re Stoned!

Like most of you out there, I like to browse around the web for some cool sites to look at when I’m high. Here are a few of my favorite entertaining sites.


WeaveSilk.com is a drawing app that allows you to easily awesome, trippy looking pieces of art. You can control rotational symmetry and mix colors, so no matter how stoned or how horrible at drawing (me) you are, you can still feel like an artist!



Reddit.com/r/Trees in the subreddit for cannabis enthusiasts. This is a great community for any questions or discussion about smoking. Find trippy pictures, informative news articles, hilarious stories and the occasional kitty. 




Akinator.com is an app that will guess any dead or alive celebrity that you are thinking of using Yes or No questions. It can even guess movie characters or animated characters from cartoons. Almost anyone you think of, Akinator will be able to tell you! Not exactly sure how it works, my guess is magic.



LivePlasma.com is  a visual search engine. You can look up songs, books or movies and get a visual display of related content. It’s great for expanding your music choice. Simply type in a song or artist you like and get a bunch of recommendations.



ToneMatrix.Audiotool.com is a site that allows you create beats and music. Play around with the squares and experiment till it sounds how you want!




If theres any sites you guys feel should be on this list, leave a comment below!

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