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Cannabis Moms of Beverly Hills [Video]

After being diagnosed with cancer, Cheryl Shuman, a mother of two, hosts dinner parties every month for other moms with medical issues. They come try new strains and eat some delicious cannabis-infused food including cannabis leaf salad and cannabis-infused chicken piccata!

This group of “Cannabis Moms” are working to change the stigma that consuming cannabis makes you a bad parent.

Most of these ladies are married with children and consume cannabis quite frequently. They believe cannabis actually makes them a better parent because they’re more calm, rational, creative and unstressed.

Cheryl’s friend, a cannabis activist, January Thomas smokes up to 5 times a day while caring for her 2 year old child. She says she wouldn’t even be able to pick up her daughter if it wasn’t for marijuana due to her arthritis.

These cannabis moms find it important to properly educate their kids on what cannabis is. That means telling them the truth about the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis. January uses a children’s story book “It’s Just a Plant”, to teach her young daughter about cannabis.

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