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What Would Happen If We Ended ‘The War on Drugs’?

Most people’s initial reaction to the idea of ending ‘The War on Drugs’ is: “What?? That’s a horrible idea, everyone’s gonna turn into a junkie”. These people probably don’t know much about the psychology of addiction or how Portugal decriminalized all drugs and lo and behold, there weren’t drug addicts …

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High Thoughts: Imagine Being an Archaeologist in the Future

Imagine this… You’re  an archaeologist, or a historian living in year 2400, going through old hard-drives and artifacts, in order to learn about the 21st century. One day you and your team discover an ancient, technologically advanced city that was destroyed by floods, or aliens, or a comet, or something. Among …

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High Thoughts – Lucid Dreaming (Part 1)

What is lucid dreaming? Only the coolest thing ever. It’s when you’re sleeping and realize that you’re in a dream, allowing you to become conscious and take full control. You can fly around, make things appear or disappear, shoot laser beams out your eyes and pretty much anything else you …

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High Thoughts: The Phenomenon of Normalization

Normalization is when you become so used to something that you no longer think twice about it. It becomes natural so it just passes over your mind as if it’s something minuscule or uninteresting. For example, how we easily forget that the world is spinning over a thousand mph, while orbiting …

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